Gotta Start Somewhere

The quest of… when I first decided to start this blog I dreamed of all these delicious recipes sprawled all over my page. Desserts, dinners, snacks, you name it. I also imagined beautiful pictures of different remodeled rooms in my newly purchased home. As you can see, none of that happened. I got too busy with work and decided to start school. I was also going out a lot and when I wasn’t, I was just being plain lazy when I had the time to do so. Needless to say, between 3 classes and a full time job, the last thing on my mind was cooking and remodeling, let alone maintaining a blog to showcase it all.

Now, I think this blog and what I want to do with it may be taking a complete different turn. A turn to health, and the balance of it… and maybe the balance of a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always toyed around with working out and eating healthy. I’m majoring in nutrition, so the knowledge of eating properly is second nature to me. However, the execution is not. I love food, I’ve always said food is my love language. Like many, food is there when I’m happy or sad, in social situations or for comfort. It’s my life.

Working out is a different story. Almost two months ago, a friend of mine opened up a gym. Around the middle of December I signed up for a free two week trial and went about 5-6 times in those two weeks. I fell in love. I’ve been to plenty of gyms and tried out numerous different classes, but nothing kept me going back. Anyway, after my trial I ended up becoming a member. I went numerous times all throughout January. Towards the end of January, my friend mentioned a challenge that was coming up, an 8 week diet and work out challenge. The gym provided all of the nutrition information as well as recipes and shopping lists. All I had to do was cook it all and show up to the gym. Oh and get a full body scan.

The full body scan was meant to get your correct weight, along with your BMI (body mass index) and body fat percentage along with other measurements I’ve yet to look into. All I was really concerned about was my weight and body fat. I’ve known for awhile now I’m overweight, well it turns out that just since the middle of December I had gained another 5 pounds, pushing me towards a number I NEVER thought I’d see. The sad part is I was already at a number I never thought I’d see. I had also always had a ballpark figure of what my body fat percentage was, so when I saw that number I was in… SHOCK. Absolute shock. It was way more than I had imagined. I almost broke down in tears, I was way more unhealthy than I thought. I fought back the tears and decided to try and fuel it into motivation at the gym.

So today marks the first day of the challenge, and I want to document today and every day until the end. Today I hit my diet mark right on the head, I also went to a class at the gym and burned almost 500 calories. Today is a win… and I want to remember that. In my next post I’ll explain more in depth about the challenge and the diet that goes along with it. Ill also talk about my reservations about the challenge as a whole, as well as post pictures of what I eat throughout the day. Until next time…


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